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“Aggressive and tough. Proven winner in an employment discrimination case.”

I was referred to Alex by a friend who is also an attorney, to represent me in a very emotional and high stakes employment discrimination and retaliation case against a Fortune 500 company.

I had consulted several other lawyers who either didn’t want my case or suggested I just pursue a small settlement and move on. Alex was much more aggressive, but remained calm and rational throughout the process, providing empathetic emotional support to me and my family and always keeping us informed.

Alex proved to be a very tough lawyer - he didn't take the easy, quick money, but rather took the time and went through the necessary steps to really set the case up right. After doing this, the other side came to the table. Alex patiently persevered through several rounds of negotiation and got me a great settlement.

Everything Alex drafted in the case was extremely professional and meticulously well written. This earned him praise from even the defense attorney, who said his initial filing was the longest Complaint (lawsuit) they had ever had to respond to.

Also, Alex structured the settlement in a way that maximized the amount our family netted, finding ways to make the key provisions acceptable to the other side. If you want a tough, proven and empathetic winner, pick Alex.

— Anne, employment discrimination client

“Won my sexual harassment case, never stopped fighting for me.”

I am writing this review to share my appreciation for the outstanding representation I received from Alex Durst. I had the good fortune to have him as my lawyer in a case that was very challenging and very traumatic for me - I was the victim of severe sexual harassment by my supervisor and wrongful termination from my job. Day by day, Alex worked extremely hard on my case, always having my back along the way and constantly reassuring me that no matter how difficult the case became, we were going to win – and he was right. Alex won my case, never leaving my side in my fight for justice.

As such, I strongly recommend him to anyone fighting a sexual harassment case.

-Anonymous, sexual harassment client

“Excellent attorney for a car accident case.”

Alex was wonderful, caring, knowledgeable about the law and incredibly competent. I was injured by a drunk driver, when the driver rear ended my car. My rehabilitation required months of physical therapy and doctor visits. Alex filed a lawsuit immediately and proceeded aggressively against the driver. The driver's insurance company proposed a non-binding mediation and Alex suggested we give it a try. We had nothing to lose because we could always say no and walk away. Alex prepared for the mediation by blowing up the pictures of what was left of my car immediately after the accident. (the car was totaled). These pictures were a great visual for the mediator and the insurance adjuster. We settled at the mediation for a significantly larger amount than what we initially thought we could negotiate. This was due to the fact that Alex adjusted his negotiation strategy as the negotiation progressed. When he felt we could negotiate for higher, he did.

Alex also helped us with a subrogation issue with our work-comp settlement. Because I was injured doing work related activities, I filed for worker's compensation. I received a settlement from work-comp before the mediation and the settlement with the drunk driver. The work-comp insurance tried to take their money back out of my personal injury settlement. And in a typical situation they would likely have been successful. But, because the settlements happened in different states and according to different laws, Alex was able to find a technicality that could prevent work comp insurance from obtaining any money. Rather then testing Alex's legal theory in Court, the work-comp insurance company decided to settle for literally 1/10 of the money they claimed they were owed.

I will refer everyone I know to Alex. I was very lucky to have a lawyer so knowledgable and caring.

— Alicia K., personal injury client

“Alex got a lawsuit against my business dismissed.”

We hired a contractor to do a website for our company. They did a less than satisfactory job and when we let them go sent us a very large bill for hours they claimed they had worked on the project which we disputed. They then sued us.

Having been in business for 13+ years, but never sued, I contacted a CPA friend of mine who referred us to Alex. He was very professional and spent a lot of time with us to make sure our case was handled correctly.

We went to court and got the charges dismissed so we are very happy with the result and would certainly hire him again.

— Terri, business client

“Alex gained my trust from the first day and always did exactly what he said he would.”

I was referred to Alex by another attorney when I ran out of time regarding my decision on accepting a severance offer from my company. Up against a deadline, Alex stepped in, secured an extension and began to communicate with my former employer on the details. He was able to direct me through the process from a decision to leave the company thru agreement on the settlement amounts and details on benefits, etc.

Alex gained my trust from the first day and always did exactly what he said he would. Top notch! 

— Anonymous, employment law client

“I am very grateful and strongly recommend him as an attorney.”

While out of state on vacation I experienced a physical injury, followed by surgery, hospital stay, and lengthy recuperation.

When talking with family about this experience I was asked if I had thought about contacting an attorney to walk me through this situation and help me determine if legal action could be taken. The name Alex Durst was mentioned. I contacted Atty Durst and explained my experience, asking if he would be willing to take this case (even though I live halfway across the country from his law office). After thorough research of the circumstances he agreed to take the case and encouraged me to follow my conviction. I’m so very pleased to say that he said he would.

 Through the entire (telephone and online) process of communications I found him to be very approachable and knowledgeable about the steps to be taken, making suggestions and negotiating on my behalf with determination, excellent communication skills, and complete follow-up to my questions with clear explanations.

 All worked together to bring satisfactory closure to this chapter in my life. I am very grateful and strongly recommend him as an attorney,

Thank you Attorney Alex Durst!

Kathy B., personal injury client


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